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Almaden Valley Family Studio Sessions

December 4, 2018

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Before I start writing, I change the music. I need to feel inspired. Paper Kites is now playing. I need the words to flow from my heart through my keyboard for you to read. I need to look at the pictures I created to be able to tell you my story about them.

As a photographer, I feel the need to constantly evolve. The need to grow. I need to keep my creativity alive; but yet, I need to keep being true to myself. I need all my pictures to transport you, not to a place, but to a moment in your life when you felt. I want you to feel the embrace; the warmth; the softness of someone coming close to your neck and whispering soft words to you; the giggles.

A few weeks ago I was booked through a whole day; mostly with outdoor sessions. A lot of people know me for my outdoor work; but yet I had to change my plans because it was dreadful to be outside. The air quality was so incredibly bad that my eyes hurt just to be outside for 5 minutes. I suggested my clients to have sessions at my home studio in Almaden Valley; and I was so happy that everything worked out. As write this, I am sadden for all the families that lost pictures, and memories, and homes during those fires. At the same time, I am honored to be able to create memories for other families. What a beautiful gift I have.

The woman in these pictures is a talented photographer, that I am happy to call my friend. I am so happy she came into my life. She is light, and kindness all in one. To see her work visit her website, here!  Take a look at the darling images we created in my home studio.


Family Studio Sessions


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