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An adventure with my boys…| Personal Photography

It’s been a while since the last time I posted pictures of my boys.  I was having major issues with my creative state of mind. I didn’t want to take my camera anywhere. I had lost my mojo. I felt sad that I didn’t want to do what I like to do most, take photographs.  Life got really busy. It had been a few weeks that I felt dragging. So I took my kids on an adventure during their Fall Break, and brought my two film cameras along with us (Mamiya 645 & Canon EOS 3).

We started our day by visiting a Goat Milk Farm in Pescadero. They, as usual, just wanted to play with sticks, and get dirty. I absolutely love the dynamics and birth order of my boys. If this order would have been different in any way, they would not have the relationships they have with each other. They truly do love and like each other.

After our visit to the farm, we visited a local gourmet shop, Arcangeli, where I bought the most amazing artichoke bread I have ever had in my life. It was fresh out of their ovens. We bought a few more items, and then hit the beach for a picnic and more play time. After our lunch, we got to watch a pod of about 6 to 8 dolphins swim around us. Then the boys found this amazing rock. They enjoyed climbing and jumping for a while. I took slow-mo videos of their jumps.. it was pretty cool to see them so happy.

Our last stop, was pretty random. We drove by a pumpkin patch that we had never been to before, Arata Farms. We stopped and played some more.   Picked our pumpkins for the season.. and went home.  What an amazing day this way, and I am so happy I got to recorded all on film.

This whole day made me think of how much I would enjoy if a family brought me on their own little adventure, so I could create memories for them. It would be pretty dreamy!!!  Creating these images with my boys, fed my soul, like nothing else could do. I needed this!

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