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Brookshire Family

The Brookshire Family has become a very dear family to me. The boys in these pictures have become my own boy’s closest friends. And that by itself, makes this session very special to me. I wanted to help  the Brookshire’s create beautiful memories of what it was like to have their smaller boys at home: rambunctious, full of energy and very loving; just the way boys can be. After our little indoor session at their home, we headed out to one really beautiful spot, which they found in one of their family hikes in Almaden Valley. The light there was insanely beautiful.

I have the greatest admiration for Jessica, the mom in these pictures. She works full time, and yet, she is so present in her kids lives. She is kind, sassy, funny, and truly one of the best moms I have ever met.  This is a little bit of a tribute to her; because I am so grateful for her friendship.  I am so happy I get to shoot these very admirable people.  It makes what I do, so much more rewarding.  I have the best job in the world!!!,  and that is: being a mom, and shooting happiness in people’s lives.

These session was a hybrid session. Shot with both my Canon 5D Mark III, and Mamiya 645.

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