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I feel free.. | Palo Alto Family Photography

The images from this session represent me when I am free, and when the family that hires me trusts me 110%. I feel free when I choose the time of the day, the place (always considering what works best for them), and help style them.  I feel free when I am shooting happy people. I feel free when they trust me to shoot them in film only. I feel free when I decide to tackle one of my New Year resolutions during their session: to learn how to do a double exposure on camera (it was imperfect, but I tried it, and I liked it!).

I feel free when I purposely made the session about the mom in these pictures. I wanted her to be center,  because we are the center of our families. We are the ones booking the sessions. We are the ones running the show behind the scenes, and we deserve to be seen. We deserve to be remembered NOW, by our kids in the future. That’s what I would want my own family session to be about. Because I am always behind the camera. And I want to offer my clients, what I want for myself.

I feel free when I am inspired by my subjects. Amita, the beautiful mother in these pictures is a passionate educator, and accomplished author of the books: It’s Time for Holy!, and Lights, Camera, Diwali, and founder of Hybrid Parenting.  Her husband is an talented and successful entrepreneur  and Silicon Valley CEO of Drobo, and yet so down to Earth. Their kids, similar in age as two of my kids, are just the sweetest, kindest kids.  I got kick out of how their toddler wants to be a super hero princess! I told them, bring her cape, and her tiara!

See for your yourself, what it looks like when I feel free….

Want to let me be free to create beautiful images with your family? Book your custom session, by e-mailing me at cyntia@cyntiaappsphotography.com

Images were taken with a Mamiya 645, and Canon EOS 3. Fuji 400H, and Kodak BW Trix 400 film.  Images developed by Richard Photo Lab.

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