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Mcfarland Family

Crazy busy, sleep deprived, messy, happy, unexpected, rewarding, sweet: is the life of parents with small children. I have photographed so many of them, and have also been one of them. I can relate. I get it!  They let me in their homes, and I have this one amazing chance to capture their essence. I am honored for what I do. I love it. I decided to play with a type of light I have never played with before. I conquered it. I am SO happy. I love my subjects. I love these subjects.

I just poured a bunch of words that are coming to my mind as I feel them. Through these images, I hope you get me to. I hope you get what my voice is.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this blog, you will see an image snapped by Brandon, the dad in these images, of me photographing his gorgeous girls. THANK YOU, Brandon. As I very seldom have images of me photographing other people.

This session was shot with both film and digital mediums. Fuji Pro 400 H, Kodak Tri-X 400.

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