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I believe I am in the most fun stage of my new photography journey; I call it the “experimental stage”. I get to try newborn, travel, lifestyle; and .. boudoir photography. 

I just wish I had another name for Boudoir. A few months ago, I took part in a Boudoir Photography workshop, from a photographer I very much look up to and respect; and the most important lesson I learned that day, was to disassociate the word “boudoir” with high stilettos and the classic lying on a bed with your legs over your head pose.  That day I realized that I wanted to create something different; and if I ever did boudoir photography, it had to be tasteful, and classy. In my boudoir pictures, those women had to be proud to show who they were at that stage of their lives. 

So I asked my very good friend, Elena, to be my model for the shoot. I love that Elena is always game to be part of my photography projects. We made my first boudoir session a full production. We went over wardrobe;  arranged for styling; and for the first time rented a medium format film camera (Mamiya 645), and got some color (Porta 160) and black & white film (Ilford HP5 120), and off we went. Not sure what was good or right, but what matters is that I ventured to try something new. (Special thanks to the fellows at Keeble and Shuchat for the crash course on film cameras). 

I barely slept that night… as usually happens when I am very excited about a photo shoot. First, I was nervous about using the film camera; and second, I kept having visions and ideas for the shoot. So exciting!

So this is it, look for yourself…the results from my boudoir shoot.

I decided that my first blog would be about my beautiful family: my loving husband John, my sweet 4 year old Dominic, and Milo, my brand new baby. Together, they have helped me discover my passion for photography. They have been the subjects of most of my pictures thus far. I realized that perhaps I wasn’t just taking good pictures of them because I loved them, but maybe it was because I had actual talent. Sadly, it took a lot people telling me that before I realized that. The truth is, that as a photographer you must love what you do to take good pictures. You need to inspire and explore people feelings so they can be captured in your pictures.

My husband has been the bridge to get me to where I want to be; taking pictures. He got me my very first camera, and every single camera I have owned ever since. He supports me every step of the way with what I do, by buying the equipment I need, and watching my kids while I go off on photo shoots. I feel so blessed to have him as my partner. I love you John.

Now I dream about pictures, think of pictures, breath pictures. What a feeling! I know I have lots to learn, but only taking pictures will allow me to become better.

Welcome to my Blog!

These pictures were taken with Mamiya 645 (Medium Format Film), and Porta 160 NC