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Panama on Film | Travel Photography

Today, November 3, Panama celebrate its separation from Colombia. It’s a big Panamanian celebration, with family getting together, marching bands, lots of good food, trips to the beaches; and I am here being miles away from my country missing being with my family, and my country, oh so much. 
I often see on Social Media so many gorgeous pictures of the new modern Panama. It’s beautiful!!, and I am sure Panamanians are very proud to show the world this pretty face. However, what lies behind it, still remains pretty much the same: the people of Panama; el “crisol de razas” that we are. 

During my last trip to Panama in February, I explored the streets of Panama with my film camera; and enjoyed doing what I like most: photographing PEOPLE. Here are some of the images from that trip captured on film. 













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