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You’ve got some questions??? I’ve got the answers…

What should I expect from my session?

I am a natural light photographer. So whether we shoot outdoors, or in the comfort of your home, the sun will be our light. I usually combine elements of lifestyle photography (candid moments), and more traditional portraits in a relaxed and natural way.  We will have a blast, I promise you!! Expect to have fun and be hugged!

How can I book a session?

  1. Contact me.
  2. We’ll set a date (weekends and some week day mornings work best for me).
  3. I will send you a link for your session fee payment.
  4. You’ll sign a contract.
  5. We’ll have a pre-session consultation.
  6. We’ll make beautiful images together

How long will our session be and what time of the day should I plan for?

Portrait and lifestyle sessions typically last 60 to 90 minutes.  Newborn sessions could potentially last longer, since baby might need to feed, get changed, etc. Don’t you worry; I will be there for you. As for the time of the day, I suggest to schedule your session when your kids are happiest.

What should we wear?

Wear colors that “go well together” without being “matchy-matchy”. Stay away from big logos and prints. Bold colors, textures and accessories photograph very well.

Have fun with it!. Be yourself! I usually advise my clients to send me pictures from their phones, when they are out shopping or looking through their closets. I will be happy to guide them every step of the way.

What will be the location of your shoot?

All my shoots are on-site. I will come to the location of your choice.: your home, your kid’s favorite park, the beach. If you don’t have a location in mind, I will be happy to suggest locations that would work for you.

What if it is raining? Too windy?

If it is raining, we will get our umbrellas out, jump in the puddles and get wet! If it is too windy, we will cuddle up in a blanket.  We will make it work and have fun, no matter what conditions we have that day.  If that doesn’t appeal to you, you have the option to re-schedule your session.

What are your “packages”?

I don’t sell print packages in the same traditional way many photographers do. I find that everyone’s print needs are different, so all of my prints and products are sold À la carte; and I keep prices very reasonable across the board. Want to know more about the products I offer, go to the Products page.

What happens after our session?

Expect to receive an e-mail or call from me 3 weeks after your session to book your in-person client meeting. Most of my clients find a lot of value on me showing their pictures in person. When you are shown all those images at once, it can be overwhelming. I can help you choose your faves, and help you decide what to do with those beautiful images.

Can I post my images to social media?

Of course!!! Just do me a favor… Please tag me with image credit and don’t apply filters to it.

Will you post my images to your social media o on your site?

Yes, as part of my contract you agree to allow the images to be used to market my photography business.

What type of payment to you accept?

Cash, check, credit cards, paypal. Sales tax will be applied for al product purchases.

Do you offer “mini’ sessions?

Yes, I offer limited edition Mini-Sessions in the Fall and Spring. Subscribers to my newsletter, are the ones that get the first dips on the spots. So I highly encourage you to sign up to my newsletter.

We absolutely love our photos! How can we ever thank you?

Aww.. Thanks so much! I pour my heart and soul into creating those images for you!! Tell the world!! Referrals are SO important to my business. Tell your friends about your experience.  In social media, share, like, comment, tag! I would be stoked to see reviews on Yelp.