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Strategic Investments for Success: A Commercial Photographer’s Guide for 2024

Cyntia Apps

December 17, 2023

Commercial Photography, For Photographers, Visual Storytelling


As I embark on my entrepreneurial journey in the San Francisco Bay Area as a commercial photographer, the multitude of investment options can be overwhelming.

As a finance major, I strongly believe in Return on Investment (ROI). However, in a culture obsessed with instant gratification, it’s crucial to resist the temptation to abandon actions that don’t yield immediate results.

Investment Choices:

The dilemma arises: new website, new podcast, education, social media, outsourcing, new content, new logo, new brand, new camera equipment, more props, new computer, new softwares, new marketing subscriptions, or new vendors?

Through trial and error, I’ve learned to measure the effectiveness of investments made in 2023. As you plan for the upcoming year in 2024, I wholeheartedly recommend integrating these proven strategies into your roadmap. These investments not only enhanced my business but also brought fulfillment to both my professional and personal life:


At the top of the list is MY HEALTH. Being healthy allows me to show up for myself, my family, and my clients. Daily non-negotiable walks, yoga, HITT workouts, weekly hikes, therapy, and investing in quality food are integral parts of my own commitment to health.

Cyntia Apps Yoga Photography


Coming in second is my investment in EDUCATION, an invaluable asset.

Amidst the sea of coaching programs, mentorship initiatives, and masterminds, I’ve explored numerous avenues over the years. However, this year’s investment, guided by a powerful gut feeling, led me to a mentorship with Nash Hagen—a successful travel content creator with what I consider the most exceptional program tailored to that niche.

What sets Nash apart is more than just the content of his program; it’s the genuine care he extends towards the success of each participant. I firmly believe in the power of energy, and his commitment to fostering a positive and supportive environment resonated deeply with me. In this collaborative space, I found not only guidance but a genuine belief in my potential for growth.


A pivotal moment in my entrepreneurial journey was outsourcing photo editing three years ago. This decision freed up time, enabling me to focus on what I excel at. The ripple effect led to outsourcing social media management, hiring an exceptional virtual assistant, and collaborating with a video editor. Outsourcing has become the foundation of my creative agency.

Cyntia Apps Creative Agency


Recognizing the importance of genuine connections, I invested more time in one-on-one interactions. Meeting people over coffee, attending in-person networking events, and knocking on business doors created meaningful relationships. Leaving the digital world for real-world connections has been a courageous and rewarding time investment.

Couple Drinking Wine in Montepulciano


Last but not least, I’m grateful for investing in visual content creation this year. To recommend brand elevation to clients, I must constantly elevate mine. Hiring professional photographers and collaborating with stylists has paid off, attracting the high-end clients I aspire to engage with.

Cyntia Apps

Photo Credit – https://www.dankutler.com/

As the year comes to an end, I encourage you to reflect on your business growth goals. Remember, where you put your energy is where growth occurs. If you’re considering investing in visual content and brand elevation for 2023, feel free to contact me here!

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