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JOÏ: Baking and Photographing Northern European Pastry – Cookbook Photography

JOÏ: Baking & Photographing Northern European Pastry

August 17, 2022

Branding, Commercial Photography, Food Photography


JOÏ: Baking & Photographing Northern European Pastry is now available worldwide in Amazon. This has been a true labor of love; of creative vision; of making our dreams come true.

At the beginning of the year 2020, I photographed my creative partner, uber talented baker & dear friend JOANNA from https://www.brightspotbakeshop.com/ for her new branding. That photoshoot was the inception of our NEW Cookbook.  I told myself that I wanted to get my images published, even if I had to do it myself; not knowing that journey would take me to a whole new path in my career as a photographer, and created the foundation to my new venture as a Food Photographer. 

The Inception of JOÏ

Joanna’s Northern European Pastry, a collection of recipes she has gathered for years, from her own family legacy; and from being born and raised in many different countries in Northern Europe, became my most unconventional subjects. Up until this photoshoot I had only photographed people. I had a clear aesthetic as a portrait photographer: beautiful natural light; and images filled with emotion. I wonder how I could translate these key characteristics to these beautiful pastries. Listen to the podcast episode where we share the Inception of JOÏ.

Audio-Visual Elements for a Cookbook

Staying true to who I am as a photographer led us to question whether there was any cookbook in the market that taught how to take the pictures featured inside. Oftentimes the decision as to whether you will buy that cookbook or not; or make that the recipe from that blog or not, lies in how mouth watering those images look.  With the Pandemic, we realized that sharing through pictures had become a way to stay connected with your loved ones. (Remember the sourdough baking craze during the pandemic?)

What makes this cookbook so unique?

First, we decided to create the first cookbook ever to have a PHOTOGRAPHY CHAPTER that would teach you how to photograph the pastry you bake (apply to the food you cook). We hope to help food influencers; up and coming bloggers, pastry chefs to elevate their baking and photographing skills.  

Second, we are thrilled for this publication; because we are creating a cookbook that will be groundbreaking not only for the photography chapter, but also because it features QR Codes that link to videos of the HOW TO’s for certain techniques used while baking the pastry. I.e. Different techniques to tie a Swedish bun.  Follow our YOUTUBE Channel: JOI The COOKBOOK for the collection of videos linked to the QR Codes.

Third, JOÏ is centered our joy of baking & photographing pastry. Centered in the joy of sharing what you bake with your friends and loved ones. In the joy of just enjoying a break and having pastry with friends (FIKA). In the joy of following your dreams and having a creative journey . We can’t wait to share this JOY with all of you. For more information on the COOK visit www.joithecookbook.com and join our Facebook Community Group here and follow us on Instagram @joithecookbook 

To add storytelling and context for the book, we have also created JOI the COOKBOOK, the Podcast. We co-host stories of cookbook creation, pastry photography, baking, northern European culture and recipes.

Photo Credit for behind the scene & branding Images for the book were taken by Joy Knight from https://www.joyknightphoto.com/

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JOÏ: Baking & Photographing Northern European Pastry
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JOÏ: Baking & Photographing Northern European Pastry

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