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La Bicyclette, Carmel by the Sea| Culinary Visual Storytelling

August 16, 2023

Commercial Photography, Editorial, Food Photography, Restaurant Photography, Visual Storytelling


Step into the enchanting world of La Bicyclette, where every plate is a canvas and every dish a work of art. As a Monterey Bay Area Food Photographer, I set my intention to capture the essence of the experience of visiting this quaint & popular European bistro in the affluent & tourist town of Carmel by the Sea. In addition to that, I also wanted to showcase the creative process of their head chef: Obdiel Luna.

La Bicyclette, Carmel

Before the session, it was important to understand where Obdiel Luna gathered inspiration from. He shared something so beautiful: “when I see the seasonal produce come back season, after season; it feels like getting reacquainted with a friend. I get excited to see them again!”.

Obdiel Luna

This family owned restaurant carries a legacy initiated several decades ago. This is a legacy of passion for creating experiences for restaurants patrons, from near and far, that will stimulate their 5 senses; and leave them wanting to come back over and over again. I feel joy being a Carmel Food Photographer encountering these stories of passion and creation in this coveted gourmet restaurant business.

Here is a sample of the beautiful brand elevation session created for La Bicyclette, in Carmel by the Sea; a bistro that brings the European cultural experience to California.

Capturing Culinary Mastery

Indulge your senses as we capture the culinary genius of La Bicyclette’s chef. Through the artistry of food photography, we’ve immortalized the intricacies of each dish – a fusion of flavors that beckons connoisseurs to Carmel’s favorite bistro.

Monterey Bay Chef
Cyntia Apps Food Photographer
Food Styling

A Visual Symphony of Ambiance

Our lens extends beyond the plates to reveal the soul of La Bicyclette. With every click, we’ve captured the warmth of the restaurant’s ambiance, the inviting decor, and the welcoming spirit that makes this European bistro an unforgettable dining experience.

Brick Pizza Oven
Pizzeria Carmel

Elevating Brands, One Story at a Time

Inspired by La Bicyclette’s tale, we invite you to elevate your brand with our storytelling expertise. Our brand elevation services specialize in capturing the essence of your business, just as we’ve done for La Bicyclette. Whether you’re a culinary establishment or a unique gem in Carmel, let us bring your story to life.

Brand Elevation for Restaurants
Cyntia Apps Photography
Carmel Food Photographer

As we conclude our visual journey through La Bicyclette, we extend an invitation to businesses in Carmel and beyond. Let us tell your story through the art of photography and elevate your brand to new heights. Capture the heart of your establishment, just as we’ve captured the essence of this beloved European bistro.

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