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Kaitlin Rose | Lifestyle Senior Portraits

San Jose Teen Photographer

July 18, 2019

Lifestyle, Senior & Teens


The year I was graduating from high school was one of the happiest and most exciting times in my life. I had friends (some of which to this day still remain my closest friends). I had a family that was very supportive and that loved me (that hasn’t changed one bit). It was also the year of the last time for everything.

Now that I think about, I remember going through a little bit of a mourning. The future was exciting, but it also meant not seeing your friends every day; no more theater club; no more fundraisers meeting for your school prom; not seeing that school you loved every day. Your life was about to change in a magical way; but it also meant, you were going to leave behind a life and a routine that was part of you for so many years.

One of the most exciting moments that year was getting my senior portraits. I cherished those portraits so so so much. I also cherish my friend’s. We used to get 8 x 10’s for our families, and wallet side for us to share with friends. A nice, beautiful message written in the back. Only really close friends would get these. There was no social media back then.

Now, I am in a position, where I can create these memories for high school seniors. Not in a million years I thought I was going to be the photographer creating these precious moments. I am so darn lucky!  My senior lifestyle sessions feature highlights of your every day life as a senior, or those things dear to you. Your dog, your car, with the sport gear you played with during your senior year. It’s so much fun.

Take a look at a beautiful senior portrait session photographed in my beautiful back yard of Almaden Valley.


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