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Bouche SF | San Francisco Restaurant Photography

Food Styling

August 17, 2022

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Before I visited Bouche SF for the first time, my friend who invited us, mentioned Julie immediately. He described her as the soul of the restaurant. The day I met her I understood why he said that.

Bouche SF is a hip, french restaurant in the heart of San Francisco, near Union Square  led by Chef/Owner Jeremy Blaringhem  and Owner/General Manager Julie Fulton . They strive to serve elevated, high end dishes made with fresh locally sourced ingredients to Bay Area residents and visitors. Dining at Bouche is truly an experience, from the French pop music playing, their staff and their french accent, to the excellent wine pairing to their dishes. 

First I was a client, later the photographer for their new branding. It was my mission to help them convey their message: Bouche SF is the Sexiest Restaurant to dine in San Francisco; and capture their essence as business owners, creatives, and passionate restaurateurs. 

Bouche SF’s owners, Jeremy & Julie,  went on a world wide journey, experimenting with culture and culinary immersion in different countries, that landed them an opportunity to open their restaurant in San Francisco. They are passionate about their business. Their staff was truly a big family. They love what they do. And I felt honored to help elevate their branding. 

If you are in the Bay Area, and haven’t dined at Bouche SF, yet, run and book your visit now: https://www.bouchesf.com/.

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Bone Marrow with potatoes
Chocolate Cake
San Francisco Restaurant Photographer
Jeremy Blaringhem
Cyntia Apps Photography
Julie Fulton

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