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At Home & Studio Session in One!

November 10, 2021

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Blessed to have had repeating clients year after year, since I started my business back in 2011. Yet, this creates a challenge for me. How can I push myself creatively to bring my clients something different?

In this particular case, I came to photograph one of my favorite families ever. I am mostly in love with the love this mama shows her kids. Being honest, she reminds me of myself and my interaction with my own kids. I think of this to be so darling, and close to my heart.

First, when coming to this session, I decided to do something I haven’t done before, and that was to pack my studio setting. I asked myself, what if I offer them some studio shots of their adorable kids?

Second, I showed up, and we did our regular at home session, which was so magical in itself… the love, and interactions were just precious.

Finally, I pulled out my studio setting and captured more magic right in her back yard. I sometimes am in awe of natural light, and the fact that we have this gift of almost permanent sunshine in California.

Grateful beyond words because: one, my clients let me play, and be creative; second, they TRUST me, and that is just priceless. Love you Larkin Family, so much!

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