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At home family session in Redwood City …

January 17, 2019

At Home, Children, Family, Lifestyle


When you open the doors of your house, you are equally opening your heart to me. And the same way, I open my heart and arms to you, and give you a big hug. Inside my head, I thank you for your trust. You have never met me before, and yet you let me come to your intimate space. Where you play; where you eat; where you sleep; where you love. If you would realize how honored I feel when you let me in your space.

In that place, your home, you are at your most comfortable. Everything is familiar, and that extends to your kids. That’s their place; their territory. My job is then to capture you in your own environment, and create something you cherish forever. Because I am there to capture the love for, to, among your family. I am there to capture love.

This blog is also a window for you my reader, to enter that space in someone else’s family, and to let yourself feel what I captured that day for them.

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