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Joy is something we create…

December 24, 2018

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Joy is not something that finds us, but something that we create; and my 2018 couldn’t have been more truth to this statement. I am so grateful for your love and support (my readers, my clients, my friends). XOXO

Now I will record some words of love for myself, to look for in the future:

Milo, your softness, and cuddles are like the fuel I need to get me going every day. I love your rhytmic movement to music; how much you love my soup, and rice and beans, like the true latin little boy that you are. You are loyal to your friends, and caring to your friends and brothers. You are considerate and thoughtful. I am so proud of you.

Colin, you are witty, spunky , fearless is some ways, and a scary cat in others. Love how your still come in to cuddle with me in my bed. I still remember the days when you used to tell me “I LOVE YOU MAMA”, 100 times a day. Your kisses are out of this world. Love your energectic self, your physical and emotional strengthen. And your smile makes me weak in the knees. I will be sad when you loose your little baby teeth.

Dominic, my love, my kind hearthed child. Your intelligence is remarkable. You have grown so much this year. Your face, your body is slowing changing, but I still see the same Dominic I held in my ams. You made me a mother, and changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I love our long conversations at bed time.

My boys, I love you so much my heart wants to explode. I am so proud of the people you are becoming. You have so much to give, and so much heart to share. Hope you will read this some day, and realize the extend of my love for you.

Here, the joy Maki Oshiro, from Maki Photography, captured for us this year. I will treasure these images close to my heart for ever and ever. They are perfection to me!



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