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Dancing Underwater – Boudoir Photography

March 1, 2020

Boudoir, Lifestyle, Underwater


In this photography journey of mine, I have come to realize how my mind works. You give me a subject, a place, or certain kind of light, and my mind races with all these ideas. It’s hard to contain. The challenge is to concretize those thoughts. Often times, the results exceeds what I had in mine. I believe, the reason for that is because the moment I start interacting with my subject, human emotions and feeling come into place, and that takes my idea to another level.

This was my first time getting a hold with an underwater camera. I had just had a crash course on how to use it, and safety for the camera. I took pieces from my boudoir wardrobe collection, and got to work with my stunningly beautiful model, Olivia.

The elements that made up this session: refraction, water, blues, porcelain skin, light, colors, waves, weightless, letting go, immersing, submersing,  aqua, waterfall, feminine, simple, water drops, reflection, sun, floating, dancing, trust … and above all, my passion to create.  I see these images, and I feel accomplished, and so happy I have this creative outlet that brings me so much joy. When I am in it, I forget about the world around me. Photography is my happy place, I won’t get tired of saying it.

Boudoir photography certainly allows me to have the most freedom to create, out of all my styles; and that’s why I love it so so so much. My boudoir work, soon to come to this website…. in the meantime you can check out here.


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