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The Revamp of a Brand – Part I

Cook Book Cover

March 14, 2020

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The Revamp of a Brand – Why?

Joanna Struiksma-Facey is the chef behind Bright Spot Bake Shop in Morgan Hill, California. She was following her dreams, like many of us are, and while in the transition from a corporate job as a industrial designer for a big multinational company, to motherhood  in a brand new country; she decided to make her long time dream come true: establishing a bakery of northern European treats. Therefore, baking these treats ties her with her childhood growing up in different northern European countries; just like cooking plantains and fish in my home ties me to Panama.

Her designer eye, and marketing background helped her established the brand for her business; from the colors, to packaging, to the look and presentation of her treats. Joanna understand what was visually attractive to us, her potential clients. Her Instagram Facebook Page , and website documented nice pictures of her products, and herself taken by herself with her iphone. However, there is a time in your business that you start having more exposure, and having professional looking content is essential to be able to make a more compelling story of your company, and therefore, being able to leave a lasting impression in your customers brains with wao images.

The Photo Shoot – helping other Boss Ladies! 

The photo shoot was my vision with Joanna’s ingredients. As a result, we had yummy looking images, and a possible collaboration for a Cook Book. My dream, and her dream. Stay tune for this upcoming project.  I very much love helping other women entrepreneur, because I get satisfaction to see other women succeed. I tell my clients, and collaborations: if you grow, I grow. It’s my business model, and I will live by it.


A huge thank you to my dearest friend Meera Desai for letting use her branding new kitchen. Meera Desai has been my biggest cheerleader, and support, and she is also a woman entrepreneur – boss lady!!  I also want to thank Dhruva Navin Chander, the most amazing teenager I have met to this day, for the incredibly behind the scene video. And also thanks to my amazing marketing assistant and mentee Ashlyn Hertzberg for being there and assist me the day of the shoot.

Now, take a look at the images created during Bright Spot Bake Shop’s Brand Revamp Photo Shoot – don’t forget to check out the behind the scenes video… at the end of the page!  Also don’t forget to check back on the second part of this blog, where I will show you before and after images for her social media, and website, so you can see what professional photography can do for your business.

Headshots by Cyntia Apps

Bright Spot Bake Shop\Baking in Kitchen

Almond Cookies Image by Cyntia AppsBranding Images by Cyntia Apps

Morgan Hill Baker

Food Photography by Cyntia Apps


Chef in Kitchen

Food Photography by Cyntia AppsFood PhotographyFood Photography by Cyntia Apps

Bake Goods Photography

Web Content Creation

Cook Book Cover

Product PackagingProduct PhotographyWeb Content CreationWeb Content Creation

Don’t forget to check out the behind the scenes video, here!

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