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The Fowles family has been living in California for the past few years. They had a beautiful life here, but a tragic event left these 6 gorgeous and kind kids without a dad last year. The woman you see in these pictures is just about the best example of resilience and courage, I have witnessed in my life as a photographer.   She took on life for these kids, and with the help of a wonderful community around her, she kept her family strong. I personally have the greatest admiration for her, and wish I would have gotten to known her better.

After this past difficult year, she decided it was best for her and her kids to be close to her family in Utah; so they announced they are trading California for new beginnings in Utah.

As we talked about where to have their Farewell Session, Andrea told me that what her kids loved the most, was to go to beach; and that’s probably one of the things they would miss the most about California. So to Santa Cruz we went!! We started our session in the beautiful Natural Bridges Beach, and ended up at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

This session brought for them happiness, and a break from the craziness that moving to another state with six kids entitles. I know in my heart, these photographs will have an immeasurable value as these six kids and their mother grow and establish their lives in a new state. Thanks Fowles family for considering me for this amazing job!!! I enjoyed every minute of my time with all of you. Bye Bye  A, P, L, H, M, E & L, Almaden Valley is going to miss you, oh so much. XOXO

Did you ever have a brother that you loved like crazy? You also loved him like crazy. Because he was your older sibling, and he made you laugh, and he was older and cool.  Then your mom hired a photographer to come to your house, while the photographer was visiting in Panama, to photograph that love between you and your brother.  This is the story behind these portraits. I came to this family’s home, and it was dark, and it was raining like crazy, and I was only left with one plain wall to work with. And these are the portraits I created. And guess what? I absolutely loved it. Simple sometimes is best. I will be offering these simple portraits from my home studio. If you want a simple update of your kids photographs, e-mail me or fill up my contact sheet here!

The Rynne Family welcomed me into their home to shoot their brand new baby. It was so darling and sweet to had capture the interactions between the two boys: big brother, Ethan; and baby brother, Jordan. Their parents are one of the sweetest couple I have ever met. This session showcases my portrait and lifestyle newborn photography. I truly enjoy capturing emotion between family members, and even more so when they are so small and snuggly!

Mountain guide meets bike enthusiast, and they have the most darling son ever! I absolutely loved photographing the Adams Family in one of the most amazing local wineries I have been to: Clos La Chance, in Morgan Hill. The light was perfect, the weather was perfect, the location was perfect… they were perfect! This session was shot 80% in film, and I not only loved the results, but they did too! And I love them even more for appreciating the film images we created together!!!

Joanna was glowing. And part of it was her joyous anticipation of how her first baby  would look like. It was so darling to had spent that intimate time with her, and photographed her pregnant beauty. We used the amazing natural light in her bedroom to capture some candids of her, and her belly; and then we went outside for some portraits in a more natural setting.  I loved that we were able to do both. What fun day that was!

Hair and make-up by the talented Naima Morgan.