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 Cass & Abe’s fall Half Moon Bay wedding was just about one of the most unique weddings I have ever been to: the guests dressed up (the couples website called for “adventure casual attire”); built their own alter-ego’s lego character; sling-shotted at cans; roasted marshmallows; all in a make believe ghost western town at Long Branch Saloon & Farms.  Every detail was thoughtfully planned, designed, and hand made by the bride, groom, and mother of the bride; from the bouquets, to the “Please Sign Our Guestbook” chalkboard.

Even though, family photography is my specialty, that day I realized that I truly enjoyed photographing their wedding. Getting to work with couples that are happy, easy going, down to earth, and that appreciate my approach to wedding photography, it’s just the cherry on top of this experience.  It’s truly an honor when you are chosen to document such a special day in a couple’s life.

Take a look at some of the highlights of their amazing wedding day…

It’s been a while since the last time I posted pictures of my boys.  I was having major issues with my creative state of mind. I didn’t want to take my camera anywhere. I had lost my mojo. I felt sad that I didn’t want to do what I like to do most, take photographs.  Life got really busy. It had been a few weeks that I felt dragging. So I took my kids on an adventure during their Fall Break, and brought my two film cameras along with us (Mamiya 645 & Canon EOS 3).

We started our day by visiting a Goat Milk Farm in Pescadero. They, as usual, just wanted to play with sticks, and get dirty. I absolutely love the dynamics and birth order of my boys. If this order would have been different in any way, they would not have the relationships they have with each other. They truly do love and like each other.

After our visit to the farm, we visited a local gourmet shop, Arcangeli, where I bought the most amazing artichoke bread I have ever had in my life. It was fresh out of their ovens. We bought a few more items, and then hit the beach for a picnic and more play time. After our lunch, we got to watch a pod of about 6 to 8 dolphins swim around us. Then the boys found this amazing rock. They enjoyed climbing and jumping for a while. I took slow-mo videos of their jumps.. it was pretty cool to see them so happy.

Our last stop, was pretty random. We drove by a pumpkin patch that we had never been to before, Arata Farms. We stopped and played some more.   Picked our pumpkins for the season.. and went home.  What an amazing day this way, and I am so happy I got to recorded all on film.

This whole day made me think of how much I would enjoy if a family brought me on their own little adventure, so I could create memories for them. It would be pretty dreamy!!!  Creating these images with my boys, fed my soul, like nothing else could do. I needed this!

It’s been five years since I started photographing this family. They found me via a post in Las Madres Forum, a good friend of mine published, way back when I had just started my business.  Brand new camera, brand new business, and I had no idea what I was doing.   It’s pretty amazing how I see their kids grow every year; and in the same way, they also see me grow. Their youngest was 6 months old when I first photographed him. I will be honest, it’s not easy to keep it fresh for these families. But I am certainly proud, that choose me every year; a real privilege.  See of the highlights from this session…

Only a true Panamanian could understand what true RAIN is.  In Panama, if you happen to be under the rain for just a couple of minutes, you are guaranteed to get completed damped. It rains so hard, it’s difficult to hear what the person next to you is trying to say. I love that, and it’s certainly one of the things I miss the most about my beautiful tropical country.

While in Panama this past June, I got to photograph this beautiful family of four. That week had been hot, with bright sunny days. They arrived at our session location, and it starts to get so dark; it’s going to rain, and it’s going to rain really hard. This was also the ONLY chance we could make this session happen, so we cuddle under a small dry area with a roof, and I start shooting. It ended up being such an amazing session. I thank them so much for trusting me to work under such difficult and dark conditions.  I even make them make-out, how awesome is that!

It’s pretty amazing, how Thania, the beautiful mom in these pictures, and I go back to kindergarten together. I feel honored, she now chooses me to photograph her family every time I go to Panama.  I am so thankful I get to do what I do!!!

Last year for Christmas, my husband surprised me with an Argentina travel book. He knows that traveling, and all that entitles, is just about my favorite thing to do in the world;  the planning, the anticipation, the being there, the experiences, the food, the people, the cultures, the photographic opportunities. Best Christmas present ever! We have been so blessed to had been able to travel to so many countries in the world, but we hadn’t been to much of South America, other than Brazil.

My husband and I travelled to Argentina this past June (their 2015 Winter season).  In fact, we celebrated my husband’s birthday with an amazing “Argentinean Experience” dinner, while in Buenos Aires.  This was the first time I decided to keep it light and just pack my favorite 35 mm film camera, Canon EOS 3; and my 50 mm 1.4, my forever favorite lens, with tons of film (And my phone camera of course). I’ve had to break down this post in two parts, because there is SO much I want to show you. We hired a private travel company to explore Argentina, and their service was top notch! We loved Andrea & Marcelo from Argentina Adventures.

Buenos Aires… stunning city; rich with architecture and culture. I couldn’t have enough empanadas, and Malbec. The city and its protests were a clear representation of their current political and economical state. I couldn’t get over how Argentina was the 5th richest, and most powerful country in the world, at the beginning of the 20th Century; and  is currently struggling with devaluating peso.  Life is very expensive for Argentineans.  Buenos Aires was also filled with beautiful people, a sign of their strong European ascendency.  Loved the food, the people, the culture, the love for soccer, the tango, Cerati, Maradona, Gardel, Evita… Buenos Aires you had me at Hello, Che’!

Be sure to come back for my Mendoza (my favorite part of our trip) & Iguazu Falls Post in the next couple of days!