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The Bellucci Sisters – Almaden Valley Family Session

August 2, 2017

At Home, Children, Family, Lifestyle, Senior & Teens


You may be wondering why I love shooting at home sessions so much. Don’t get me wrong, I love a beautiful outdoor session with beautiful light, and that has been my specialty for a while; but I think that at-home sessions allow for a certain authenticity that is hard to accomplish elsewhere. You are in your own, familiar place: your happy place.

A lot of people worry about which state of mess their homes are in. But guess what? It’s your home, and no matter how messy it is, I will make it work. Trust me. We will look for the light, hug, and be happy together in your own place.

Photographing these three sisters, and their mom was so much fun. “Play some fun music, the kind you love to dance when you are by yourself!!!” I said.. “and pretend, I am not here. Let go.. and just dance.”

See for yourself some of my favorite images from this Almaden Valley At Home Family Session.


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