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The Elardo Family: gorgeous people, happy family. Need I say more? What a fun session this was!  We laughed, we hugged… and I loved that time we spent together that gorgeous fall afternoon. Girls away in college come back that weekend, and make this session happen.  See for yourself, the beautiful images I was able to capture for this family…

It’s been just over a year since this little guy was born, and I still remember the day I was there to photograph his newborn session. He was deeply asleep for the whole 2 hours I was there; and I barely got to see his beautiful blue eyes open just in time for me to photograph them.  The Struiksma family was then complete with the joyful arrival of their first born. I have had the great pleasure to see him grow, into an even more gorgeous baby, now toddler. See of the highlights from Tobin’s newborn session!

Anthony is a successful Silicon Valley computer engineer; an incredibly talented photographer and musician; and just about the nicest guy you could ever meet.   Mira is an amazingly talented acoustic singer and songwriter; gorgeous; and with the sweetest smile ever! (www.miraparfitt.com). Music match made in heaven (http://anthonyandmira.com/). I have witness their love grow; and I am so incredibly honored to have been chosen to photograph their Santa Cruz Engagement Session, the town the now call home.   Anthony and Mira, I see you together; and my heart gets happy! Cue music (Heartbeats by Jose Gonzales), check out some of the highlights from their session…

It’s gotta be nerve racking to have a complete stranger show up to your place to photograph your family. Someone you have never met before. You are not sure what to expect… but that is my challenge. I am welcomed into a family’s home, and I have a goal in my mind: to capture them as they truly are.

This was the case of this darling family. As a walk through their place, I gather who they are: some pretty amazing and free spirited people, who love the sea. And they are raising a wonderful child right in the middle of downtown Toronto. I can immediately feel the love in this home. How crazy in love they are to each other; and to their son, Ocean.

Even though, they have never met me before, I help them get at ease with me.  It’s snowy, and dark outside. I hug them, I make them smile, I make them cuddle, and magic happens. Or at least, that’s what I see through my lens. Now I get to share that magic with you… see some of the highlights from their session…

During my last visit to Toronto, this past December, I got to photograph this amazing family of four.  While shooting this session, I realized the more I shoot families, the more I seem to be searching for their happy souls.

In retrospect, I think I had a pretty happy upbringing. I remember laughing a lot. I remember playing with my older brother; and remember wanting to take care of my little brother (he is 10 years younger than me). I remember my dad always being present. I remember my parents hugging and being loving to each other. I remember lots of kisses, and lots of hugs; and always remember my mother’s loving ways. And I think that I am slowly realizing…. my purpose.. or my calling; and maybe it’s trying to somehow capture and re-live all those happy moments I once had in my family, for other families through my camera. Hope you enjoy and love these images as much a I do….