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The joy of having three boys, Half Moon Bay Session

Families come in different shapes and styles these days; but there is something quite special about the dynamics of growing up in a household with three boys. I admit, I am bias. I love having my boys. I love the never ending energy that more often than not, drives me nuts;  but then it all gets channeled into that love that only boys can give you. The kisses that melt your heart; the rambuctiones of the hugs; the super hero imagination that transports you and make you feel a kid again.

As a write this, I want you to enter my mind and my heart to have you feel how incredibly fortunate I feel of being a mama of three amanzingly loving boys.   When they tell me they love me more than anyone in this world, I believe it; and I treasure it because I know it won’t last forever. But I want them to develop that capacity to love incondicionally.

As I photograph this stunningly gorgeous Almaden Valley family, for the second time, I can’t help but to feel tenderness. I can relate to this mama in this pictures.  So much love from her boys; so much love from her husband. I see these images, I want to cuddle right in the middle of them and feel that hug.  An overcasted evening in Half Moon Bay Beach create the most beautiful background for these images. I love my clients, I love that they are willing to come along with me, and let me experiment with them, and keep things creatively fresh for them.

I love you Dolen Family…. XOXO

P.S. Here is another recent Half Moon Beach Session.



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