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The perfect addition to my line of products

September 26, 2018

Branding, Product


My branding is now complete. I am so happy to share that I will be adding these beautiful 8 GB USB drives from USB Memory Direct to my new line of products.  I have offered USB drives in the past, but they always felt short for one reason or other.

First of all, I loved these new USB drives for the fact that they are 8GB. I often ran out of space with my old 2 GB USB drives, especially with my wedding clients.  In addition to the capacity, these USB drives have been well designed with little magnets on the caps, to keep the cap in place; truly nice feature to have. Finally, I enjoyed having these USB drives so much, because they performed so well in the humidity, during my last visit to Panama.  Panama is a tropical country. It rains just about every day, and the humidity level can sometimes reach 90%. I was happy to load a bunch of images in them, because I didn’t want to drag my external hard drive with me for my short, and it was perfect. I had no issues!

If you are new to the photography world, I can tell you, as a photographer with 8 years under my hat now, that these USB drives are must have for your product line. They are beautiful, durable, and functional. What else can you ask for!



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