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The Shortest Longest Time ….

April 21, 2019

Children, Family, Lifestyle


I stole the tittle of this blog from a podcast I used to listen quite a bit: The Shortest Longest Time …. The Blog is fulled of parenting stories. The good, the bad, the weird, the happy, the hard, the easy.. and how upside down your life can get when you become a parent. Being a parent of small kids is so incredibly difficult. The sleepless nights; how to deal with toddlers years, and the more kids you add to the mix, the more complicated, and easy it gets. It’s hard to explain.

At the end the the day, I can only tell you, this time goes by F A S T. This time is hectic, but precious; it’s tiring, but rewarding; it’s busy, but simple. It’s frustrating, but joyful. They grow up, and the snuggles, slowly fade away. You sleep more some nights, but they loose sleep over other more complicated things.

To document this time is nothing short of magical…. that’s all I can say about my experience coming into this Santa Cruz Family home. I have photographed their love shoot, their wedding, and now I got to photograph their family, and two little boys. As I edit these images, I can’t help but smile, and smile over and over again; because I am grateful to do what do…  XOXO

If you are curious to see some of this stunning couple love shoot check out this gallery!


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