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Home is where the heart is – Part II

Almaden Valley Family Photography

March 12, 2019

At Home, Children, Family, Lifestyle


A few years ago someone googled “Almaden Valley Photographer”, and my name came up.  She called, we talked, and a random estranger became a client to me. To be my client means that you are part of my life, and that I am part of yours. Even it if is for that brief time I come into to your home, to capture memories for you, and loved ones; our lives intersect.

This someone has big things happening to her. Loved ones gone, loved ones arrived. Her family grew larger, and smaller at the same time. Happiness and sadness at the same time, and I was included in that, and for that I am grateful. I also shared my own happiness and sadness. She came from a long ways,  back to that place she calls home. Where she grew up, and spread wings. And she called me back… and I was there for her.

To photograph this family in her childhood home, reminiscent of the time I go back to my own home in Panama, to my old room, but instead bringing a playpen for my babies to sleep in.  It transport me to the feelings I feel, when my parents hug me, and my mom calls because my favorite meals are on the table. I was excited to see her and her loved ones, and I was happy when I left, because I fulfilled my purpose. Thank you for letting me capture memories for you.  I love what I do. And I loved being there for you, XOXO. If you want to see our previous session from a few years ago, click here.



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Almaden Valley Family

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