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Cheers to creating more memories in 2020!

January 2, 2020

Branding, Family, Film


To you my dear client, reader, social media followers, friends, clients that have become my friends … I want to express how I am grateful I am for you… you are my drive, and you push me continue being creative for you. You are what makes this space, my creative space. Your support, and your referrals are priceless to me.  Thanks for letting me enter my happy place, over and over again. For letting me hug you, and see your kids grow, and see your business grow.

This year I didn’t send out a Holiday Card, which I always do. I am very much driven by how I feel, and this year, I didn’t quite feel like sending one. I loved getting yours, though! So thanks for that!

I wish wanted to send you a “Virtual” greeting (in a very environmentally friendly manner), and wish you a very successful 2020. Can’t wait to keep creating memories for you.



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