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Portugal through my eyes…. on Film

December 29, 2019

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After an incredibly busy season, for which I am beyond grateful; I get to finally have some quiet time and  work on my personal work. My loves combined into one: Photography and Travel. This year I gifted myself a trip for my birthday. I got to travel with one of my childhood friends, Priscila.  Just about everything about that trip was magical: the long chats, the food (oh.. the food); the laughter; the exploration; pictures; sight after sight; endless steps walking around places that were unknown to us.  What I loved most about this trip, was learning a new philosophy in life: there are certain situations in life you need to surrender to; embrace what you are given, and make the best of that situation. YES! Thanks Pris! That was our travel motto, and quite possibly, our new life motto.

Priscila and I met up in Lisbon, Portugal.  Lisbon was GRAND, and filled with terracotta tiles roofs; mosaic sidewalks; amazing food; and friendly people.  After our couple of days in Lisbon (Lisboa), we rented a car and drove up to  Costa Nova, a pinterest destination of beautiful and colorful houses by the coast. We took pictures of each other, and goofed around, and tried hard to hunt for bacalao cakes, but we ended up driving  to Averio: the Venice of Portugal to eat said bacalao cakes. We ended our time in Portugal, with a visit and stay to the gorgeous City of Porto. Oporto for the English speakers.

Porto was the city that inspired J.K Rowling to write the Harry Potter book series. She was married to a journalist in Porto, who she later divorced; and then moved back to the UK after completing the books series in Porto.  You will be able to see in my pictures, that the university students in Portugal wear a uniform that resembles the Harry Porter’ Academy uniforms; as well as the Lello Bookstore; which also inspired her books. If you want to learn about the Livraria Lello, you click here! (I love learning stuff like this one, figure you may too).

After a break from shooting film, because of the cost; I decided to only bring my Canon EOS 3 35 mm Film Camera on this trip, because that is without doubt the medium of my travel photography voice. As bulky, and heavy as it may be, I love what I create with it.

Take a look at some of my images, and don’t forget to check out the second leg of the trip… our travel adventure in Morroco!!









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