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Morroco through my eyes.. on Film

January 3, 2020

Film, Personal, Travel


To me, Morroco was magical; and certainly one of the best trips of life thus so far. All your senses could be heightened from the experience. The flavors (tagine galore, Mint Tea, couscous, honey and cheese over Moroccan bread); the sounds (call it the muslin prayers chants, people, people); the colors (pop of colors everywhere, from the sky to the clothing and Berber hats) , the senses… (when I lay down on that Moroccan carpet); the smells (of leather, of spices, of mint, of roses).

Morroco is a “in” destination, but it’s certainly not every one. Lots of photographers, and life coaches are hosting “workshops” there. I recently ran into a Instagram Post of a very successful photographer, and she hated it, and recommended not going. I will be honest, there were many times I felt scared, harassed, and vulnerable. However;  like any other country in the world, I also saw kindness, and the good in people.

Certainly, my advise to you would be, if you, go with a guide. A tour, or whatever. Specially if you are a woman. If you can see at the end of this post, I have no pictures of Marrakesh, even though, it was my favorite places in Morroco. The reason: I was concerned to bring my bulky camera out. Therefore; I got stuck to my iPhone 10.  So , since this is a FILM only post, I won’t share those pictures here.

To sum up,  I got to explore a new country with one of my best friends. The memories of this trip… will be more me to keep. Travel opens your mind; gives you perspective; helps you appreciate our world; and makes you wiser. If you would like to see the first leg of our trip in Portugal, click here!

Here my pictures of my 9 day tour of Morroco…. show with my Canon EOS 3, and Portra 400, and for the first time ever… I used Ektar 100.. because I wanted to play with the pop of colors.





RISSANI – Largest North African Market

Berber Village

Todra Gorges

Merzouga – Sahara Dessert Over Night Camp


Erg Chebbi – Black Sand Dessert

Monkey Fingers Canyon Loop

Atlas Movie Studios 

Morroco High Atlas Mountains

Ouarzazate – Boumalne Dades


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