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Fine Art Portraying 2020 Quarantine Feelings

Fine Art Black & White Children Portrait

April 5, 2020

At Home, Children, Family, Fine Art, Studio Sessions


Fine Art Portraying 2020 Quarantine Feelings was the idea behind this personal session. No words to express how my heart races when I see these pictures. Quarantined for 3 weeks, and these boys teach me day after day how to be a better person: their emotional IQ is high, and I am not sure if that if you are born or you are made being this kind.

During these long days of isolation, I have nothing but to count in their daily hugs and snuggles to filled my need for physical touch; and they top it to the roof.

Every year I photograph them on their birthdays (to see some of the personal work documenting them click here) , and this year we went for with my Fine Art vision.  A few common feelings during this March – April 2020 Quarantine were portrayed:  Anguish, Trapped, Tired, Together, Hopeful, Strong, Still.

Dear Milo and Colin I cry as I write on this blog, my voice to the world,  because you make your mama so darn happy. You make me whole, and complete as a human being. Love you both the size of the universe and beyond …. forever and ever.



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