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I regret getting family pictures, said no one.

September 26, 2021

Children, Family, Lifestyle


Family photography is an art which value only increases with time. I haven’t yet come across with anyone that has regretted getting family pictures. Here are some reason this is a fact.

First of all, families grow (as in with more family members); or grow apart, yet there is that unity of what was that will always remain important for the kids.

Second, in our busy family lives sometimes we get immersed in the day to day life (soccer, driving, kids activities, work, etc) and it’s appreciate to get sometime when family is seen; when joy, and emotion are captured. When time capsules are created.

Last, family photography is a legacy that is cherish for many generations to come. Think for one second how your grandkids would appreciate the investment you are making today, to capture their parents when they were little. Nothing but prices-less.

Now take a look at some pictures, from a beautiful recent family session in Palo Alto.  This family got referred to me by wonderful photographer who create time capsules for my own little family years ago, and I can’t be more grateful I got that memento for kids. Click here are the pictures from that session she did for us.


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