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Just when writing this post, I realize how I can be taken back to a place, and moment from a picture. It’s truly powerful. I finally get to show you the images from my road trip with my younger brother from Southern Germany to Italy. I loved to have had the opportunity to travel to Europe by myself; so very grateful to my husband and my parents to support me. And grateful to my younger brother for hosting me during this time.

Out of all the beautiful people I met, the amazing food I ate, and the gorgeous places I saw; my most memorable memory, other than the fact that I LOVED spending that time with my brother singing, and laughing,  will be the day we arrived in Northern Italy: my brother and I were looking for a place to eat, and some wine and cheese to snack on. We entered a little wine shop in the town of Brennero, in the Dolomites Area, and we had the most amazing chat with this older Italian shop owner. We were trying to tell him in Spanish, that we were not together; but that we were brother and sister. And after all our efforts; he said: ” Fratello e Sorella!!!!!”.  His hand gestures, and accent made it that much better. With his advice, we had amazing wine, and cheese that night.

We stayed over night in the Dolomites Area, close to Fortezza; and then in Verona: La Piccola Roma (Little Rome). Great memories of an amazing trip, and now you get to see Northern Italy through my eyes….

Images taken with Canon EOS 3, Tr ix-400 BW, and Portra 400. Scans by Photovision.

You may be wondering why I love shooting at home sessions so much. Don’t get me wrong, I love a beautiful outdoor session with beautiful light, and that has been my specialty for a while; but I think that at-home sessions allow for a certain authenticity that is hard to accomplish elsewhere. You are in your own, familiar place: your happy place.

A lot of people worry about which state of mess their homes are in. But guess what? It’s your home, and no matter how messy it is, I will make it work. Trust me. We will look for the light, hug, and be happy together in your own place.

Photographing these three sisters, and their mom was so much fun. “Play some fun music, the kind you love to dance when you are by yourself!!!” I said.. “and pretend, I am not here. Let go.. and just dance.”

See for yourself some of my favorite images from this Almaden Valley At Home Family Session.


Finally, I get to blog some of the images from my recent trip to Bavaria. This past May, I visited my brother who currently lives in Freising, Germany while finishing his Master Degree in Economics. We got to spend a really great time together; with lots of laughter, and remembrance of our childhood. We also did quite a bit of exploring in Bavaria, and visited a few towns and cities, such a Munich, Freising, Regensburg, Dachau, Fussen, and other towns along the Romantic Strasse.

Even though I lived in Europe for a year, I always yearned for the opportunity to go back now that I can express my views of a place via my photography. During this trip, I took on a bit of the genre of street photography; which fascinates me so much.  I, also, got to know the bavarian culture with their beer, pretzels, schnitzels, and beautiful bavarian outfits; which they wear with pride. Loved how people let us sit with them on a beer garden, embraced in conversation with us. And thanks so much for the random strangers that let me photograph them on request… gotta love to make a young bavarian couple kiss in the middle of their county fair!

Here are some of my favorite images my time in Bavaria, all taken with my Canon EOS 3, and the 35 mm film Portra 400. Scans by Photovision. More images from Italy and Austria to come…

I will be soon be adding some of these images to my Fine Art Prints Shot for sale here.



Dachau Concentration Camp


Romantic Strasse

My Brother

So thrilled when I have returning families for Custom Families Sessions. I get to see how much the kids have grown, and what everyone is up to these days. I photographed the Kirke Family a few years ago; and this time they came back to me to mainly capture memories before their oldest daughter left for college, which is a big milestone in any family.  Spending the afternoon with this family of 6 at the beach was so much fun; but it was also a bit emotional. Walking back at the end of the session; the girls and I found a beautiful pocket of flowers and beautiful light, and we shot them in there. So pretty!

Take me on your summer adventures, and we will make magic happen, you won’t regret it!

Images taken with Canon 5D Mark III and Canon EOS 3 with Porta 400. Scans by Photovision.

Not sure if you know, that I have been living in the US for almost 10 years now; and away from my home, Panama, for 13 years now. To this day, I still feel homesick; and when I do, I find comfort in either calling my loved ones (my parents, brothers, aunts, cousins, etc); and/or cooking Panamanian food. With this said, I know what it feels like to live far away from the home where you grew up. And I know what it feels like to build a home of your own, in a new place.

When the beautiful mom in these pictures contacted me, and told me she was in Almaden Valley, where she grew up, for a visit with her daughter and husband to her parents’ ; and really wanted pictures at their home; I immediately understood the nostalgia, and why she wanted them there.  She lives out the country, and she was here for a short visit; so I am glad we made it work.

The moment I walked into her parents home, I realized how unique their place was. It had the most beautiful back garden, with gorgeous succulents, and even a full grown orange tree. It also had access to beautiful grass field. But beyond that, I saw the loved her parents had for their granddaughter, daughter and son-in-law. And I was on a mission capture the most amazing memories for them.

See some of my favorites from their session, from my heart to yours…