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I have been honored to photograph these boys, ever since big brother was even in his beautiful mom’s belly (click here to see her stunning maternity session). It was pretty neat to experience the new dynamics of this gorgeous family, now that they are a family of 4.  So much joy!  Times goes by, and after taking pictures of family, after family, I can’t believe my luck, to be able to become almost a documentarian of these familys’ life milestones. Thanks so much Struiksma Family for trusting me to capture these precious moments, of your new baby’s firsts. XOXO

These was a hybrid session. Photographed in both Digital and Film format.

Intimates by Cyntia Apps, a photography project I have been working on for over 6 years now, is officially open for business, as my new photography brand.

Intimates by Cyntia Apps is my take on boudoir photography. It’s my intend to create classy, subtle, romantic, happy images of women in every stage of their lives. I have photograph the young woman that is about to get married; the woman that was broken hearted after a long term relationship; the happily married mother of two kids; the recently divorce after 10 years of marriage; the sophisticated high power woman, who is also a grandma. Every experience has been a celebration for these women.

The reason behind creating a new brand, that is faithful to my aesthetic as a photographer (natural lit, happy, heartfelt images) is that I thought it was important to detach my family lifestyle work from my boudoir work. I just didn’t feel it was appropriate to post and market pictures of  kids and families, besides half dressed beautiful women.

Although these brands might cross over in the future via my usual marketing mediums, including this blog (my voice); you will have to visit my www.intimatebycyntia.com website, or follow my @intimatesbycyntia Instagram account to see my current boudoir work, and offers.

A very special thank you to all the amazing women that have contributed in one way or other to this project. From modeling, and opening their hearts to me; to graphic design, marketing; and web design work. Xoxo

To celebrate my new brand opening, I will be gifting a 6 x 6 Bedside Album (a $500 value) with your session if booked by May 31st. Celebrate your body, Celebrate YOU!

After years of trying to find my voice as a photographer, there is a moment when you think: “I made it”. That happens when people hire you because they “get” you. They love those “in between” moments. The love the images of not everyone looking at the camera. They love the playfulness of the images, and how they really show who they are as a family. After this session I felt accomplished. They hired me for the work I am happy to create, and that comes from my heart!!!! YEI, YEI, YEI! (I just did a little happy dance while writing this blog).

The beautiful girl in these pictures used to be my oldest son’s best friend in pre-school. Even though I felt out of touch with her mom for a couple of years, she followed my work, and decided to hire me. I was so happy and honored that she came to me to photograph her gorgeous family.

Enjoy some of my favorite images from this session!!!  XOXO

The images from this session represent me when I am free, and when the family that hires me trusts me 110%. I feel free when I choose the time of the day, the place (always considering what works best for them), and help style them.  I feel free when I am shooting happy people. I feel free when they trust me to shoot them in film only. I feel free when I decide to tackle one of my New Year resolutions during their session: to learn how to do a double exposure on camera (it was imperfect, but I tried it, and I liked it!).

I feel free when I purposely made the session about the mom in these pictures. I wanted her to be center,  because we are the center of our families. We are the ones booking the sessions. We are the ones running the show behind the scenes, and we deserve to be seen. We deserve to be remembered NOW, by our kids in the future. That’s what I would want my own family session to be about. Because I am always behind the camera. And I want to offer my clients, what I want for myself.

I feel free when I am inspired by my subjects. Amita, the beautiful mother in these pictures is a passionate educator, and accomplished author of the books: It’s Time for Holy!, and Lights, Camera, Diwali, and founder of Hybrid Parenting.  Her husband is an talented and successful entrepreneur  and Silicon Valley CEO of Drobo, and yet so down to Earth. Their kids, similar in age as two of my kids, are just the sweetest, kindest kids.  I got kick out of how their toddler wants to be a super hero princess! I told them, bring her cape, and her tiara!

See for your yourself, what it looks like when I feel free….

Want to let me be free to create beautiful images with your family? Book your custom session, by e-mailing me at cyntia@cyntiaappsphotography.com

Images were taken with a Mamiya 645, and Canon EOS 3. Fuji 400H, and Kodak BW Trix 400 film.  Images developed by Richard Photo Lab.

The Brookshire Family has become a very dear family to me. The boys in these pictures have become my own boy’s closest friends. And that by itself, makes this session very special to me. I wanted to help  the Brookshire’s create beautiful memories of what it was like to have their smaller boys at home: rambunctious, full of energy and very loving; just the way boys can be. After our little indoor session at their home, we headed out to one really beautiful spot, which they found in one of their family hikes in Almaden Valley. The light there was insanely beautiful.

I have the greatest admiration for Jessica, the mom in these pictures. She works full time, and yet, she is so present in her kids lives. She is kind, sassy, funny, and truly one of the best moms I have ever met.  This is a little bit of a tribute to her; because I am so grateful for her friendship.  I am so happy I get to shoot these very admirable people.  It makes what I do, so much more rewarding.  I have the best job in the world!!!,  and that is: being a mom, and shooting happiness in people’s lives.

These session was a hybrid session. Shot with both my Canon 5D Mark III, and Mamiya 645.