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This blog post is long overdue.  I photographed this beautiful family of three, during my last visit to Toronto. I can tell by the way they both interacted with their then 13 month old, how much love there was in that house. Although it was freezing cold outside, it felt warm, and calmed in their home.  After delivering their images, I could tell how happy they were with the results, and I recently stumbled upon a really sweet surprise; that it just made my day. Their awesome Yelp Review!!!  Thanks SO SO SO much Lauren. You guys were a treat to work with!!!

(This is a hybrid session. Shot in both digital and film mediums.)

This post is very personal to me. It may look chaotic at times, but it was what I was going for. I was documenting my kids interactions with their cousins, at their grandparent’s place. Do you remember how you go back to old family albums, and there are pictures of you in your grandma’s house?. This is what my kids will look at when older.  These are a bunch of technically imperfect images. I was just shooting as things happened.  As photographer you tend to hoard pictures. You become so critical of yourself, that you only want to show what’s worth showing. Well, this is me, opening up to you to show you what I love, not just what’s worth showing.

I know tomorrow there will be lots of kids my son’s age going through a very special moment in their lives: the celebration of their First Communion. I thought it was only fitting to publish the images of a sweet First Communion session I had with one darling girl I have been photographing for over 5 years now. Documenting important milestones in this family’s life, just filled me with joy. They gave me a gorgeous girl on a stunning First Communion dress, during my favorite time of the year, Spring; and I was in picture heaven. See some of the high-lights of her session…

Ida (the gorgeous mom in these photographs), when I think of you, I think of long conversations about life over sushi-pizza and green tea. I can’t believe that it’s been over 15 years that we met each other. I love to see you so happy, raising some pretty amazing little girls. I loved to have been able to capture the “spark” in your family, and so glad I made you look you husband in the eyes, and kiss him. Hope you cherish these images for many years to come, I know I will. XOXO

The Elardo Family: gorgeous people, happy family. Need I say more? What a fun session this was!  We laughed, we hugged… and I loved that time we spent together that gorgeous fall afternoon. Girls away in college come back that weekend, and make this session happen.  See for yourself, the beautiful images I was able to capture for this family…