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Dear Dominic

A day like today 9 years ago, you gave me the single greatest gift someone has ever given me: you made me a mom. I see you day, after day, growing before my eyes, and I can’t help but to get sad. Because you are not my little boy anymore. Yet, I am so happy to see the person you are growing to be.

Dominic, you are one of the kindest persons I know;  full of energy, and silliness. You are inquisitive and really smart (I should add that you can ask 100 questions a day some days). You love to talk, and love to read, but you love it even more when someone reads to you. I love your hugs, and you love mine.  I can’t believe you are turning 9 years old.

You have taught me patience, and to love a kind of love that is bigger than words, or anything else in this world. I get tears in my eyes every time I see pictures of you when you were a baby, or from just a few years younger. I swear, it feels like it was yesterday. But at the same time, I enjoy our conversations. I love the fact that I can teach you things about the world we live in.  I love how helpful you are; and I get really happy when you can read Spanish, or try to write in Spanish; which is something I taught you.

This picture was taken a week ago on our camping trip to Russian River, and it is one of the most recent picture I have of you on my phone. This is what you are to me: you are my light….



While preparing this blog post, I couldn’t help to think  how happy I was to photograph Christine and her kids; mainly because I truly believe in the importance of being present in the pictures with your kids .  Life is so busy, and we do so much for our kids; and yet, we are often not in the pictures with them. I am guilty of this, big time. (I just booked myself a session with my kids, YEI!!!)

I met Christine a few years back, and have always admired her for being a full time working mom, and raising these amazing kids.  I was so thrilled to have been invited into their home, and photographed this gorgeous family. I am sure that 10, 15, 20 years down the road, these two kids will look at these images, and they will be so pleased to have them; and especially to see their mom in them.

Here are some of my favorite images from their sweet session.

The Kinlund Family got to my heart the moment I met them. I walked into their home, and I could feel the peace, the calm, and love that surrounded them. They had just welcome a baby boy into their family, and had just made their 2 year old daughter, a big sister; when I was invited to photograph the joy of the new addition to their family.  Soren, their new baby boy, was just a few weeks old when I photographed them, and I still remember the grunting noises he made, and how much he smelled like a baby. Such precious moment, I was there to capture it all!!!  Colin and Jessica, the parents, are just a delight to be around. They are down to Earth, in love, and happy as can be: the kind of people I want to be friends with.

Here you will be able to see a few of my favorites from such lovely and sweet session. XOXO

Crazy busy, sleep deprived, messy, happy, unexpected, rewarding, sweet: is the life of parents with small children. I have photographed so many of them, and have also been one of them. I can relate. I get it!  They let me in their homes, and I have this one amazing chance to capture their essence. I am honored for what I do. I love it. I decided to play with a type of light I have never played with before. I conquered it. I am SO happy. I love my subjects. I love these subjects.

I just poured a bunch of words that are coming to my mind as I feel them. Through these images, I hope you get me to. I hope you get what my voice is.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this blog, you will see an image snapped by Brandon, the dad in these images, of me photographing his gorgeous girls. THANK YOU, Brandon. As I very seldom have images of me photographing other people.

This session was shot with both film and digital mediums. Fuji Pro 400 H, Kodak Tri-X 400.

I guess it’s been just about a year since my husband and I took that dreamy trip to Argentina.  At this point, it really does seem like a dream. I realized, I blogged about the Buenos Aires (here is the link if you haven’t seen it – Buenos Aires through my eyes) part of our trip about 6 months ago, and I never got to share the images from the rest of our trip. The truth is that Argentina is such a big country, with so much to offer. I really do want to go back some day. While deciding whether to visit the country,our amazing tour guides and operators from Argentina Adventures suggested, that since we only had 10 days, we should either do the Northern  or Southern part of the country; and since I wanted to visit Buenos Aires so much, we decided to go to the North.

After our time in Buenos Aires, we visited Mendoza. We stayed in a little town called Lujuan de Cuyo, one of the most laid back towns I have ever been to. While in Mendoza we took a day trip,with the most amazing tour guides: Luis Laciar, from Freewheel Tours,  to the Aconcagua, which is the second tallest mountain outside Asia.  The site is about 40 kms from Chile, and about 190 kms from the town where we were staying.  I remember all these Argentineans traveling to cross the border to see the soccer matches in Chile for Copa America 2015.  Getting to chat with Luis for a whole day, was a really neat way to get to know the local culture, food, sites. He was able to answer all our questions, and we just loved spending that day with him.  The next day Luis, from Freewheel Tours, took us once again on a Bike Tour through the wineries in Mendoza. It was quite neat to see the channels created to bring the water from Los Andes Mountains to provide the arid area with water. Malbec is the grape the grows in that area most predominantly.

After our trip to Mendoza, we took another plane to Iguazu. I have been to the Niagara Falls, but the Iguazu Falls don’t compare to them in their grandiosity and splendor. In my opinion, they are so much more beautiful!!.  When you enter the Iguazu Falls National Park, you not only get to see the Falls, but also you get to have all these experiences around the falls. We had a canoe trip through the Iguazu river; motor boat ride under the falls (I think the neatest and most exhilarating part of our trip!!!), and a drive through the jungle around the falls.  Everything is very well organized, and we got to learn a lot about the flora and fauna of the area.

In this blog, I am also including images from our day trip to Colonia de Sacramento de Uruguay. It takes a ferry ride from Buenos Aires through Mar de Plata River to get there. It is a cute, small town. And one of the few places in the world where you can see Portuguese and Spanish Colonial architecture side by side. Literally, one street beside the other.

I listened to Tango (from two CD’s I bought in BA) while I wrote this blog. I post these pictures and write this blog as much for you, as I do it for myself, so I don’t forget how amazing this trip was!!

All images taken with Canon EOS 3 and my Iphone 6. Kodak Portra 400, Kodak BW 400 Tri-X, Fuji 400H. Scans by the amazing Richard Photo Lab.

In case you didn’t know, I love to travel. It’s my favorite thing in the world, other than cuddling with my four boys! (My kids and my husband!).

Primavera Portena by Astor Piazzola – Cue Music, and enjoy these images…


Colonia de Sacramento de Uruguay